Saturday, May 27, 2006


so i find myself in wells -- wells, b.c. i am chasing gold in barkerville this year, tourist gold that is: the great contemporary payline. barkerville is a funny place. it's kind of like the placenta that gives tourism nourishment to the developing fetus that is wells. wells, nestled comfortably in the mountains, in the lap of the seven summits is a womb-like place; there is no traffic, no cell phones, no real internet connection, no cable (for most) -- just the sound of rushing water, and the occasional storm that rolls over us. there are ghosts here, made of rusted steel in the form of abandoned cars, or the emaciated frames of houses that were left to rot. the gas station is also the post office, the grocery store, the liquor store, the pharmacy, the video store and also, where you can find the mayor working behind the counter on a daily basis.

unfortunately, i will not be able to keep this blog to updated while i'm here, due to the lack of internet access and energy (i'm spending much of my energy crouching in the river of tourism with a pan). i will continue to write/take pictures, and post when i can.

come visit me

Thursday, May 25, 2006


corners and light bend