Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hello friends/family,

Here I am, St. John's NL.

Kicking off a 2 month walking trip I managed to stub my toe in the shower on the morning of Day One (before I even had a chance to sniff the salty, Easterly winds) and lost a toe nail. That's right, the 2nd toe on my right foot is missing a nail (well, currently it's hanging on by band-aids, but I suspect that will not last long). It's funny, all the shit I've prepared for -- sea sickness, flu, menstration, fatique, lonliness/boardom, natural disaster, heat and cold -- did not include stubbing my toe in the shower and crippling myself. My heart was broken this morning, more so than my foot. I watched the toe swell and bleed, the nail lift right off. I've never lost a toe or fingernail, and what a fine time. But, life goes on! While I may have a significant hitch in my step, it makes for a good story, and I am still mobile and upright! I have a great pare of Berks which have caused me little pain, and I spent the morning and afternoon effectively limping around all of hilly downtown St. John's.

I went on a boat trip around Signal Bay and Cape Spear, watched 30 tonne Humpback whales breaching and teasing our vessel, met some amazing people, ate some great cod, drank some beer and then drank some more beer, and touched 7 of the 45 bars on George Street. Vancouver's "Entertainment District" looks like a library compared to this place on a Tuesday night -- and with less violence (none).

I must say, adjusting to traveling alone has been at the forfront of my (so far breif) experience. While it has not been negative, but rather quite positive, I am very much looking forward to the company of familiar people. At least I have not compromised anyone with my slow and steady limp!

I have a mean sunkissed face at the moment, and the blush of the sun expresses my breathless excitment. While I am experienced in living near the ocean, the Atlantic proves to be more salty, volitile and eroading than I had imagined. The taste of sea salt is thick on my lips, and in my hair/clothing.

The Banbury House has been great. I'm looking forward to a most excellent breakfast tomorrow and then, checking into the City Hostel and being with people who are a bit closer to my own age.

I feel so excited and able-bodied, despite my recent upset. Hopefully the problem will not ail me too long. It doesn't really matter anyways. I'm here, I feel great, and look forward to seeing all the places of this great country, which have remained untold to me so far. Canada.

Please feel free to call and email me. I hope to hear from you all.




At 1:51 PM, Blogger pooking said...

Great writing Heather ( spelling , not so ). You help me experience ( vicariously ) the fun and adventure of your cross Canada trip. Look forward to sharing more of your " Grand Tour ".Love, Dad.

At 9:28 AM, Blogger Rob Budde said...

hi heather, heard an update on your trip from jstn foster. if yr still out there and near waterville in annapolis valley, visit my parents at glad gardens on hwy #1 and they will give you fruit. rb


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